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Terms & Conditions

Clients or users who use our website and services agree to these terms and conditions. We may evaluate and update these terms in accordance with our policies. There is no need to provide early notice for the adjustments.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Users will not use our website for any illegal purposes.
  • Users will not attempt to disable, damage, or impair our website in any way.
  • All information you offer to us should be genuine and your own. You will not provide any third-party information to us.
  • The user will not get unauthorized access to our account or system.

System and Data Security

We maintain our website safe to protect our users' information. However, we accept no liability for any damage or data loss that occurs to the user's system when downloading or uploading any material from our site.

Website Content

All content on our website is our sole property. Nobody can copy or reproduce our content without our written authorization. This could account for the breach of copyright laws.


Any quarrel or issue shall be resolved in accordance with Indian government legislation. All disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad courts.

Before posting or filing anything against us in connection with the use of our site and services, please contact us first.


The nature of our services entitles us to use our client's website. It will be with the client's permission and approved access. We leverage our clients' websites to provide a variety of services, including web design, SEO, web development, and marketing. We quit using our clients' websites once the job is completed. Unless the customer requests otherwise, we do not use their websites.

Qmin Infotech firmly adheres to ethical SEO tactics. It will deliver services based on its own desire. The company is not obligated to accept any unpleasant service request from anyone.