qmin infotech

Cancellation and Refund Policy

To provide our clients with the greatest service and customer experience possible, we have developed an understandable cancellation and refund policy.

We arrange each project by breaking it down into stages.

Every project begins with a thorough assessment and the development of a work plan. This document is intended to guarantee that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the required activities and to prevent the possibility of cancellations, reversals, or conflicts.

Refunds for previously performed work may not be possible due to the time commitment required to complete each milestone and part.

If a project ends on a mutual basis, the client retains possession of all completed work, and all payments for future development are null and invalid. Any advance payment made for this assignment may be applied to the work completed to date until the project is mutually terminated.

There are no refunds for money made after the client has approved mock-ups and we begin the design phase.

There is no partial refund for projects that are midway through a critical phase.Our company's marketing department has supplied services on special occasions without a cancelation policy. These special offers are only available for a short time and cannot be canceled.

SEO or digital marketing services are non-refundable; however, clients may cancel their subscriptions by providing written notice at least 30 days in advance.

We cannot issue refunds for deposits or payments made if projects are abandoned or idle for more than 30 calendar days.