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Privacy Policy

We respect our users' privacy. As a result, we have prepared this Privacy Policy. We have access to the users' information through a variety of channels. Qmin Infotech collects information from users. This is only used to contact them in the future. We collect email addresses and other contact information. We keep them strictly confidential and do not disclose them to third parties.

Use of Information:

Qmin Infotech provides Digital Marketing and website development services in India, as well as other WEB3.0 services. Clients are invited to contact us via the website. They provide personal information when they use our website. Their information is used solely in relation to our services.

Collection of Information

Users provide their personal information voluntarily for our services. You may also send us an inquiry to exchange information. Users provide personal information in the way described below.

  • Through the contact form
  • Through a request for quote
  • Through usage of our website and cookies

Cookies contain technical information. We do not use it or associate it with the user's personal information.


Qmin Infotech makes every attempt to protect its users' personal information.At the same time, we want our users to disclose information only when necessary. We ask that our users refrain from disclosing personal information unless necessary. We shall not be held accountable for any data sent to third-party sellers via our website.

Contact us

Any user may have a query or inquiry about our privacy policy. In this scenario, he or she should contact us first. Our contact information is provided on our website.

Notification of Changes

Along with this privacy policy, we reserve the right to make any changes to it. This does not require any previous notice to the users. Users must read our privacy policy before using our website. When our users or clients provide us with data, they agree to our policy. If a user does not agree to our privacy policy, they should not disclose their information or use our website

Refund Policy

Qmin Infotech has a completely open cancellation and refund policy. The following are the policies regarding order cancellations and refunds.

Cancellation Policies

No cancellation will be regarded as genuine without counter confirmation. The confirmation should come from the appropriate department or management of the corporation. Cancellation requests should be sent in advance to the appropriate person or department. The appropriate response should be sought in this matter. The requests will be valid only if the project's execution has not begun. Website traffic may decrease due to third-party services such as hosting and web development. In such a circumstance, we will not accept responsibility for the low traffic.

Refund Policies:

We do not provide refunds for services that have already been fulfilled. When using our services, consumers are expected to grasp the nature of the SEO services. A drop in website traffic following the completion of our job does not warrant a fee return.

We shall not entertain any such refund requests from the client. The website may require repair at a later time. The client may also require additional fulfillment for the website that was not included in the project. In such circumstances, these work will be invoiced separately from the services previously provided.

Legal Disclaimer

Qmin Infotech does not guarantee or support the accuracy and authenticity of any material downloaded from or linked to our website. If the user accesses any linked information, it is at his or her own risk.

We do not accept any client-made claims for data loss or failure. We also do not offer coverage for such claims. Such lawsuits involve data loss, whether accidental or unintentional. We are also not liable for any system damage caused by surfing our website. We will not be held liable for any claims made by clients for such losses.

We might enter into a contract with our client to provide services. No other third party will have any claims based on our contract with our clients. Other information and conditions on our website are not guaranteed for accuracy or warranty.

The customer will be solely responsible for the information they submit to post or upload on their website. We shall not be held accountable for any copyright violations that occur on the client's website. We shall not be liable for any inadvertent data loss caused by direct, indirect, or consequential factors.

Due to the nature of our services, our SEO strategies are likewise dependent on changes in search engine algorithms. Other uncontrollable circumstances, such as network downtime, may have a negative impact on website rankings. As a result, the client agrees to accept positive/negative outcomes to some extent due to the presence of elements beyond our control.

Qmin Infotech is not responsible for any technical issues on the client's website or system that may impede the efficacy of our services.