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MyProperty: Redefining property buying experience

MyPropertyMap is a land listings platform designed to simplify the process of buying and selling land. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features.


Project Brief

Our Roles

UI/UX Design
Web Design

MyPropertyMap empowers users to navigate the complex world of land transactions with ease and efficiency. As an aggregator for professionals in the real estate industry, MyPropertyMap serves as a comprehensive hub, bringing together buyers, sellers, and service providers in one centralised platform.

Whether you are a developer, investor, or individual looking to buy or sell land, MyPropertyMap provides the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.




Design & Development


December 2023


Problem Statement

Data Complexity: Managing vast amounts of geographical data, including geo-tags to survey numbers and documentation.

Decision-Making Pressure: Need of keeping all the facts and sellable keypoints under considerations while property listing that directly influences buyers’ decision.

Human Element: Integrating principles of mindfulness, neuroscience, and empathy into a technical solution to support the trust factor of both, the buyers and sellers.


The Solution

Real Estate is a very vast industry and in country like India, especially which is developing exponentially MyPropertyMap(MPM) acts as the sole land listing and service aggregator platform in order to streamline the process of buying/selling land in the most efficient way and also provides very active support in terms of documentation. And with this brief our professionals moved forward in order to create a platform that is one of its own kind.

Data Synthesis: Implemented advanced algorithms for data synthesis, ensuring relevant and critical information is presented intuitively.
iMap feature:This is an effort towards providing a real-time simulation of lands listed over a geographical map, and generating an immersive view.
Agent Profiling: Every agent partner of MPM has to go through a thorough examination.

For Organisations that need more


MyProperty Advancements

Enhanced Property Portfolio

The parameters of listing your land on MPM can be done only after the verification process which allows MPM to list the properties with higher sellability factor.

Immersive experience

Navigating through the MPM website is something really minimal yet futuristic which keeps the buyers engaged and hence ranks MPM high in terms of trust and reliability.

Extra Revenue for agents

Most of the realtors despise online practices but MPM is diesgined in a way that they can also generate revenue for all the assets they can’t sell through traditional practices.

Interactive Maps

Explore properties with our Interactive Map. Zoom in to view detailed tiles listing properties by trusted agents. Click to reveal prices and comprehensive property details, making finding and showcasing properties seamless.