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Project Brief

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In light of the intricate nature of contemporary healthcare, the imperative for a dashboard that consolidates crucial data points into an intuitive interface is evident. The project seeks to develop a hospital dashboard that not only efficiently organizes data but also incorporates principles of mindfulness, neuroscience, and empathy. This integration is aimed at enabling healthcare professionals to expeditiously make informed decisions for their patients, fostering a synergistic approach to healthcare management.




ERP Design & Development


Feb 2021


Problem Statement

In response to the intricate challenges of modern healthcare, our project sought to develop a hospital dashboard that not only structures critical data effectively but also integrates principles of mindfulness, neuroscience, and empathy. The aim was to empower healthcare professionals with a comprehensive tool that enhances decision-making for optimal patient care.

Challenges: Data Complexity: Managing vast amounts of healthcare data, including patient records, diagnostic information, and treatment plans. Decision-Making Pressure: Healthcare professionals face high-pressure situations where swift and accurate decisions are crucial. Human Element: Integrating principles of mindfulness, neuroscience, and empathy into a technical solution to support the well-being of both patients and healthcare providers.

Smart Features

Real-Time Patient Monitoring

Continuous tracking of vital signs and updates for immediate awareness of patient status

Smart Alerts

Customizable alerts for critical events, ensuring timely responses and interventions.

Collaborative Care Planning

Tools for multidisciplinary teams to collaborate on treatment plans and share insights.

The Solution

Our team designed the HealthMind Dashboard, a cutting-edge hospital management platform that goes beyond conventional dashboards. Here's how we addressed the challenges:

Data Synthesis:Implemented advanced algorithms for data synthesis, ensuring relevant and critical information is presented intuitively. Customizable widgets enable healthcare professionals to tailor the dashboard to their specific needs.
Mindfulness Integration:Incorporated mindfulness principles through features promoting mental well-being. Mindful breathing exercises and relaxation prompts integrated directly into the dashboard to help alleviate stress during demanding situations.
Neuroscience Integration:Utilized neuroscience insights to design a user interface that enhances cognitive processing and reduces cognitive load. Implemented color schemes and visual elements proven to positively impact cognitive function and decision-making.
Empathy Integration:Integrated patient empathy modules, offering quick access to patient histories, preferences, and feedback. Real-time patient updates ensure healthcare professionals stay informed and connected with their patients on a personal level.

Problem Solved with Healthvatika

1. Enhanced Decision-Making:

Healthcare professionals reported improved decision-making processes, citing the intuitive presentation of critical data. Reduced decision-making time during emergencies and increased accuracy in diagnoses.

2. Mindfulness Impact:

Positive feedback on the mindfulness features, with healthcare providers expressing increased resilience to stress. Improved job satisfaction and overall well-being reported by users.

3. Neuroscience-Driven Efficiency:

Reduced cognitive load as a result of a neuroscientific ally optimized user interface. Enhanced user experience leading to increased productivity and reduced mental fatigue.

4. Empathy-Driven Patient Care:

Improved patient satisfaction scores as healthcare professionals felt more connected to their patients. Enhanced patient-centered care with quick access to personalized information.